Inspiration…however small…

Inspiration, however small, can mean the difference from the darkness or the light. From someone who struggles with her demons; a friends text simply to say ‘Hi’, to Facebook posts/quotes, to noticing the beautiful blue sky or the excitement of my dog with her toy…it can mean all the difference from a good day, week or even month.

I must admit when you’re in a depression, being positive or looking for those little things is the hardest thing in the world. It’s not from lack of trying. Sometimes even trying makes it worse. So, over the years, if I could get out of bed, that was good enough. Not a great way to live but a reality for 20+ years.  Life and thoughts are beginning to change.

I’ve recently been following three Facebook pages that have made all the difference in my little brain:

  • The bucket list life
  • Project Happiness
  • Louise Hay

Almost every quote or saying has put life into perspective.  It has allowed me to take note of the little things in my life that make me smile.


From a friend the other day…it made me smile…:o)


Melted Snowman

Goal for the upcoming year is to allow myself to step outside of my shy, introverted self and give the same kind of inspiration to friends in need of a hug. Find that light in myself that gives inspiration. My written voice minus grammar comes  easier so a simple text or gesture can make a difference in someone’s life as it has for myself.


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