Staying Positive in a Struggling World

All around me close friends; acquaintances and strangers are dealing with life’s struggles. From my mom with dementia, sick friends, a friends spouse passing away, a friends daughter in the hospital with anorexia, friends of friends committing suicide, those in the psych ward and the list goes on. I see and feel all there pain like it was my own.

How in a world filled with so many of life’s struggles can one stay positive and happy? How can we not feel guilty about being okay?  How can we still help and stay in that feel good space? I must say it is very, very hard. If I am not careful it will bring me back to that dark place.

Here is my advise to myself and others trying to stay positive in a struggling world and still make a difference:

  1. Remember those happy moments of those struggling.  See them as being happy hopefully sending them those positive vibes,
  2. Be there when and if they want you,
  3. Think of them often,
  4. Say a prayer giving them extra strength even if you’re not religious,
  5. Ask Archangel Michael for extra protection for yourself.  I say this every morning, “Archangel Michael, please give protect me. Place a rainbow shield around me. ” Crazy I know and probably in my head but it’s helped me,
  6. Let the love and compassion you feel for them be enough and,
  7. Except that maybe they are not part of your journey.

It may not feel like you’ve made a difference in there pain but just knowing that you care should be enough, is it not?  We all have a journey to take, some harder than others and some shorter than others…

Hold on to those little things; laugh often and take one day at a time. Give your self-permission to be happy. It’s okay to be happy in a struggling world….:o)

Wow, as I read over my advice above, I definitely don’t have depression right now. I remember how hard it was to see the positives in life, in myself or even see the little things and that makes me happy…:o)

Dancing in the Rain

One Quiet Gals Journey…oxox

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