Thank You, Thank You, Thank You….

I had big plans when I was on vacation to write but well that didn’t happen. So, it’s been awhile since my last post.  I am happy to report that I did indeed complete my 28-day journey of practicing gratitude using the book,  “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne.

I’d like to share a few of those gratitude practices that I’ve start doing on a weekly basis:

  1. Magic Rock

Place a rock at your bedside, hold it in your hand before you go to sleep and think of the best thing that happened during the day and say the words, “thank-you for the best thing that happened today.”  This is such a simple practice and it guarantees that you go to sleep on a positive note. I didn’t have a rock but had a stone a friend had given me, a long time ago. I placed that stone on my bedside table, as a reminder every night. It could be as simple as being grateful for a smile from a stranger or for me today it was seeing a baby beaver on my morning dog walk.

  1. A Magical Day

Simply think through your plans for the day and say “Thank-you” for each one going well, before you live it, especially those tasks that you don’t enjoying doing very much.

Do you ever remember a time when you woke up grumpy and one thing after another everything went wrong?  Well, if you can change how you think before you step out of bed it will start the day out on the right foot. Well, that’s the idea!!!

A few days ago, I didn’t start my day with this practice and my morning workout went horribly, my coffee spilled all over my car and I started going to that negative space but then I started saying “thank you” in my head for the remaining plans for the day and it changed my mood and my plans went off without a hitch.

  1. Magnificent Outcomes

This is based on the Law of Attraction. How you speak will be your experience? For instance, I hope I get a good seat or I hope my exam goes well or just my luck my bonus wasn’t great. Using the word “hope” or “my luck” is saying that there is only a 50/50 chance it will all work out. It’s definitely more on the negative side.

This practice asks you to say “Thank you to the Magnificent Outcome to ______!”, before you do it. Mentally visualize your perfect outcome. I’ve tried this a few times and it’s worked probably 80% of the time.  This practice for me is all about changing how I talk.  This is definitely a work in progress for me. FYI…if the outcome still isn’t as expected maybe it just wasn’t meant to be…:o)

  1. Magic Mirror

This was one of the last gratitude practices in the book and for me the most powerful. I never really appreciated the person I saw in the mirror. So when this one came, I must admit I had a few tears. To actually look at your reflection and say “thank-you” for everything that you are and mean it. To be grateful for you just as you are! It’s been a super, exhausting long 30+ year journey to get to this place. Try it, every time you look at yourself in the mirror say “thank-you” but really, really mean it. And if you’re really brave say something your grateful for about yourself.

I’d like to share more with you but…read the book…:o)

As I was working through each day, I questioned why I had not done this earlier. The more I thought about it the more I think I just wasn’t ready for it. I wasn’t ready to move on from my inner turmoil. Almost like I needed to go through my inner struggles to be truly grateful for what I have.

Would I recommend this book? Totally, even if you don’t complete the 28 days. There is value in practicing even just one or two.  There were a few I found extremely hard to do but with practice I believe the hardest ones will end up giving me the most magic in my life.

So, now what; redo the 28-day gratitude practice.  Really, it can’t hurt to practice more gratitude in ones life.

One Quiet Gals Journey xoxo

P.S.  “Dear Past, thank you for all the lessons. Dear Future, I am ready.”

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