A Reason

Is there a reason to how life turns out? Is there a reason some struggle more than others? Is there a reason some people stay in our lives for the long haul, some only for a few years, some only for a passing moment and some return after years away? Or is there no reason at all?

I am one of those believers that everything does happen for a reason.  The people you meet, if only for a moment. The timing of everything. The struggles you experience. The choices we make. Was I meant to struggle with depression and anxiety most of my life? I think so. Can I use this inside knowledge to good use? Maybe.  Having gone through depression I can sympathize and help those around me understand what there loved ones are going through or even themselves. I guess my point is, look at your experiences and those people in your life. Is there a reason your paths crossed at that exact moment in time? Have they stayed or just passed you by.

Some personal examples for you….

  • OLD FRIENDS: First year university, on residence, I met this red head whom forever changed my life. Accepting me for who I am and never wavering on that. She has been there through my ups and downs for more than 20 years. Was there a reason we were put on the same floor in residence? Whatever it was, we’ve both learnt lots from each other. We are leading different paths right now but that’s the best part of old friends that remain true, we always make time for each other…:o*
  • NEW FRIENDS: I recently met a pretty cool gal, whose challenging me to these crazy handstand challenges and calisthenics at my age but I love every minute of it.  Why did our paths cross? What made me open up?  I am pretty sure I know but what ever the reason is it’s been lots fun so far…:o*
  • FULL CIRCLE: I remember, so vividly, seeing my spouse some 7 years prior to our paths truly crossing. He was leaving a Christmas party with 3 little boys and his wife at the time. Both our lives were on very different paths almost travelling in parallel to each other but I remember the feeling and energy of this pass by like it was yesterday. At some point in time, 10 years ago, our paths crossed again but this time we went down the same road and the rest is history…:o*
  • A COMPLETE STRANGER: The other day, I was sitting at a coffee shop figuring out my daughter’s summer camps when this lady asked to sit down. She proceeded to sit down and we both went about our business. At one point, with no real reason, we started chatting. She could tell or feel that I was stressed. Then a whole conversation began about the energy you put out to the universe, chakra healing, and Reiki.  Different energy healing methods have been all around me the last two years. Books being recommended to me, random people talking about clairvoyance, chakras and their personal experiences. Was there a reason for her sitting down at this particular chair, is the universe trying to tell me something.

Yup, there you go… Random thoughts for one quiet gal…:o)

One Quiet Gals Journey xoxo



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5 Responses to A Reason

  1. Anne Jones says:

    I really wish everything happens for a reason.


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