A Strangers Impact

A random stranger’s gesture has left quite the impression on me. Is it true what she said?

It all started last Friday evening; with a rainy football game followed by some live music at one of our favorite joints, in town. We all had our pints in hand, listening to the music when this lady approached me to join them dancing. It took a bit of convincing mainly out of fear, shyness and why me. I did get up and dance. It felt awkward but at the same time freeing. I love the feeling live music gives you.

The night was coming to an end but I felt compelled to thank the lady for inviting me to dance with her and her friend. As she was leaving with her boyfriend, she gave me the biggest hug and said something to me that still makes me tear up.  She said, “You have so much love in your eyes, so much love to give. Your aura is shining.”

Ego, I love you but please be quiet…It’s time for me to believe…:o)

One Quiet Gals Journey xoxo

P.S. “Love is everywhere. I am loving and loveable.”

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3 Responses to A Strangers Impact

  1. miranair3385 says:

    Its amazing how the world around works, isnt it! I am a person who has been faced with extreme ups and downs and being so far away from family does not help face the downs any better. But life just brings so many beautiful surprises, making it worth all the lows.
    May you always love and be loved!


    • Lori says:

      Thanks Mira for your comment. A bit late replying…life’s journey is full of beautiful surprises as I am slowly learning. Only took me 30 years to figure it out but better late than never right…:o) Loved reading your posts…dreams, inspirations..it’s all about the journey not the destination is what I’m learning…may you have lots of smiles and laughter on your journey.

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