As I sit here, in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, at a seaside cafe, I feel very blessed and thankful.  It’s taken me along time to get to this spot but I wouldn’t change a thing.  My heart and eyes are open to all the beauty around me and I like what I see. Sure, life still throws me curve balls and my mom is sick but it’s all in how I’ve chosen to deal with lives ups and downs.

A year ago, I left a job that I should have left 10 years ago too pursue another career. I had no expectation but was just happy I was no longer at a job that was draining all my energy. As I look back, I’ve gotten so much more than I ever expected. I could never have done this with out the love and support of my spouse. For his patience, kindness and belief in me when I did not. :o**

I decided to focus on me this year…to be okay with me, to be okay with hanging with myself, to be happy and grateful for life’s journey….it has had it’s ups and downs but life is like that. Everyday I wake up and thank the universe for those special people in my life that have stuck with me and believed in me. I also believe that mom getting sick has helped me look at life differently and appreciate every moment as it comes because you just never know.  Live in the NOW!!!!

One Quiet Gals Journey xoxo

P.S. From the darkness to the light…I choice the light and to shine my light.

Live in the NOW!!

Live in the NOW!!

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