September Blues or Autumn Love

September blues hit me hard every year.  I don’t quite understand except that it signals the end of summer holidays. The sunny days are shrinking, it’s getting colder with each waking day, kids are back to school and schedules start taking priority.  I can feel the darkness wanting to take up residence.

As I sit here on this beautiful fall evening waiting impatiently for my daughter to call too pick her up, I realize I do have the power within me to choose. Will I let the september blues take hold?  Will I let the fearful, negative thoughts take over as I feel the grip tightening?  Or Will I choose the light? Will I choose autumn love?

Every year, it’s so, so easy to fall back into old thought patterns and old habits. Fear and anxiety stop me in my tracks daily but this year, right now, in this quiet house with only my thoughts; I choose AUTUMN LOVE, I choose the LIGHT!!!

Well, that was simple, in writing. Universe, I am asking you to hold onto this thought, plant that little seed in my brain and make it grow. Reach for that light and show this little mind of mine everything I love and appreciate.

AUTUMN LOVE…my favourite season…

  • A time to reflect on those memories made from this summer past.
  • The beauty of those turning leaves.
  • Dog walk’s as my feet touch the fallen leaves.
  • IMG_3271Crisp mornings with the light morning frost.
  • My favourite plaid flannel shirt, tucked away in my closest, patiently awaiting my arrival once again. Who am I kidding I never put that one away…:o)
  • My grandmother’s home knit socks to keep my feet warm on those cold fall mornings and evenings.
  • The first sip of my morning coffee as I look out the window at the changing leaves.
  • Fall, country drives with my favourite peeps by my side.
  • My annual fall gathering to play in the leaves with my daughter and my best friends kids.
  • Fall hikes in the mountains that leave me speechless

Just breath in that fall beauty…Be grateful…

One Quiet Gals Journey xoxo

P.S. Smile at the little blessings. Changing Seasons!!


A hike we did last fall called Larch Valley.

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2 Responses to September Blues or Autumn Love

  1. cicorm says:

    The photo/memory you managed to capture of your Larch Valley hike with the golden autumn leaves amidst the darker contrast of the valley is indeed beautiful! 🙂


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