October Bliss

September has been both hard mentally and physically. I was sick for half and then my Sciatica came back with a vengeance. I am up to 6 ibuprofen a day just to sit down and be able to do some form of activity. I have sought help but the pain has yet to pass. On top of my physically illness, I have barely ventured out in the last 30 days and when I do venture out I feel lost, paralyzed with fear and anxiety. October is a new month.

How to change the September Blues into October Bliss?

With October fast approaching, in less than 24 hours, here are my recommendations to finding my bliss:

  • Animals, especially dogs, have always been your passion. Roll with it. Pick up that phone and volunteer. You’ve spent months thinking about it. Just do it!
  • Follow your new hobby of taking photos with your iPhone. Do it because you love capturing that moment and being grateful for the beauty all around us. Don’t worry that’s not on a fancy camera. You are a minimalist. Enjoy not carrying bulky camera everywhere you go. Just get out there and practice the new photo techniques you’ve been learning. Explore the city.
  • Be okay with where you are. You’ll get there. It is the journey not the destination.

One Quiet Gals Journey xoxo

P.S. Open the front door and take a step.


One of my favorite photo’s I took last week.

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