In with the New…

Happy 2016!! Only 2 weeks after the fact 🙂

It’s a time too reflect on 2015, too set new resolutions, too check new items off your buckets list, too reevaluate where your life is heading.  Hmm, sounds simple. This year, I decided to take a new approach. I guess it is kind of a resolution but more about letting go of the past. Declutter my surroundings from stuff to reoccurring old habits.

Two days after New Year’s eve, I started going through my junk drawer, I have a couple to go through, I came across some old journals I’d been keeping around all the way back to grade 8. Why? Not really sure. I’d read them occasionally but I noticed one common reoccurrence, a lot of darkness and not a lot of light.  I was a gal struggling with her inner demons on a regular basis, ready to give up at any moment. A pattern reoccurring for more that 20+ years.  At that moment, I decided too throw out those journals and only keep my gratitude journal I started back in March. It was such a release to let those journal’s go.  A fresh start so to speak. Out with the old and in with the NEW….focusing on gratitude and following my inner light.


One Quiet Gals Journey xoxo

P.S. What in your life can you let go?


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