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September Blues or Autumn Love

September blues hit me hard every year.  I don’t quite understand except that it signals the end of summer holidays. The sunny days are shrinking, it’s getting colder with each waking day, kids are back to school and schedules start taking priority. … Continue reading

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Revisiting PAST Activities

Ultimate Frisbee, I am officially out of retirement.  I had my first game of the season this week. I have mixed feelings about joining. I left 8 years ago for personal reasons, which many of my teammates are unaware. The main reasons … Continue reading

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Darkness over came me last week. I tried so hard to hold on too the light and that feel good place I’ve been in for months. I went through all my self-help tricks only to make it worse. The thought in … Continue reading

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Riding the Storm

Twenty plus years ago I entered a storm. The darkness within me was impossible to see two feet in front of me.  I couldn’t think outside of myself. I had nothing to give others. I could barely keep my head above water. The … Continue reading

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Staying Positive in a Struggling World

All around me close friends; acquaintances and strangers are dealing with life’s struggles. From my mom with dementia, sick friends, a friends spouse passing away, a friends daughter in the hospital with anorexia, friends of friends committing suicide, those in the psych ward … Continue reading

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Life didn’t go as planned

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn’t go as planned, and that’s ok… At a young age, I had dreams of travelling the world, becoming a veterinarian, owning a dog kennel, helping others and living in a small ocean … Continue reading

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Depression, I can feel it today…

I can feel depression knocking at my door today. It can be an overwhelming feeling and if I don’t do certain rescue strategies in the next few days it could take me a while to shake it. My trigger, this … Continue reading

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Inspiration…however small…

Inspiration, however small, can mean the difference from the darkness or the light. From someone who struggles with her demons; a friends text simply to say ‘Hi’, to Facebook posts/quotes, to noticing the beautiful blue sky or the excitement of my dog … Continue reading

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Fighting the Darkness Naturally

I’ve been drug free for 3 years now. Antidepressants were my life line for about 20 years. I tried Effexor, Prozac, Zoloft, Wellbutrin and many others; all with side effects. Effexor by far had the worse side effects. At times … Continue reading

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My Story

Who am I? That’s the question I’ve been asking myself most of my life. Defined by others as the shy one, introverted, hard to talk to you and get to know. Is that really who I am? Is that really … Continue reading

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