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A year ago today, I started this blog. It was a terrifying thought at first to put my most inner thoughts out into cyberspace for anyone to read even close personal friends. My goal was to help at least one person reading … Continue reading

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As I sit here, in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, at a seaside cafe, I feel very blessed and thankful.  It’s taken me along time to get to this spot but I wouldn’t change a thing.  My heart and eyes are open … Continue reading

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Self-Talk, Staying in the Positive

Negative self-talk, a repeating record that keeps going and going. Some days I can mute it but other days it is up full blast. I’ve been really working hard this year on changing that tune. I’ve tried many times before but it … Continue reading

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Darkness over came me last week. I tried so hard to hold on too the light and that feel good place I’ve been in for months. I went through all my self-help tricks only to make it worse. The thought in … Continue reading

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